Meet Herb & Sandi

Being in business as a married couple tends to bring its own set of challenges with it. Somehow we have managed to do it. As co-owners of a business called The Holst Equation Inc., we were not only in business together but managed to grow and sell the business after a 12 year stint of continuous growth. Furthermore, we’re still married! That’s not to say there haven’t been moments when the sailing wasn’t all smooth, but, all in all we pulled it off and can lay claim to a successful venture.

Now we’re poised to do it all again. With The Holst Continuum, we are pushing ahead with the best attributes of what we have done in the past as well as the passions we want to embrace going forward. In doing so, we are amalgamating a couple of companies that we owned going in. The first was Fiscal Integrity Group Inc. which was the residual company that resulted after the sale of The Holst Equation. This company had emerged to teach the finer points of bookkeeping and business administration. The upside of our experiences in bookkeeping for many companies is the insights we gained as to what worked and what did not. This is what Fiscal Integrity Group brings to the table for The Holst Continuum.

The second company we are bringing into the fold is Quantum Holst Inc. This one exists to write. Once again this is offered on a contract basis for everything from ghost writing and editing to providing copy for websites, manuals, newsletters and more. Every word that you read has to be written by someone. Quantum Holst Inc. provides this service when time and inspiration are not available to do it in house.

We consider life and lifestyle to be important which has prompted us to move to beautiful Tobermory, Ontario.  The upside of the internet has been that it has allowed us to conduct our business remotely for many of our clients. Whether the connection is through remote access, the “cloud” or whatever means is necessary, we stand ready to take care of your needs quickly and efficiently.

You need only connect.