Do you have a staff person who is great in every respect except when it comes to knowing how to do their job properly and accurately?  The inclination may be to let them go in favour of someone more qualified.  If this defines your situation, there may be another option: retrain rather than replace.

When it comes to bookkeeping, we have run into this situation on a number of occasions.  The person is good and well liked but falls short in doing a stellar job on the books.  Now here is the defining characteristic: they want to do a good job but lack the skills.  If the desire to do it right or do it at all isn’t there then perhaps finding someone else is the better option.  If the desire is there, consider retraining.

The upside is that you are getting or rather staying with someone you already know.  Perhaps they are very familiar with the company and the business in general.  They know the staff and fit in very well.  Their personality is great and has never been in question.  Consider that if you go for someone else, they may not have the same baseline characteristics even though they may be more qualified.  Plus there will still be a training and familiarization period before they are at top performance.  There are no guarantees that the new person will be an improvement on the existing one.

So what about retraining?  Bookkeeping is something that can be taught in a fundamental way that will take care of the needs of the company and the demands of government tax agencies.  By this we mean that the fundamentals of bookkeeping remain the same even if the needs of the company require a degree of customization.  That is what we do or can do for you.  We are a training service and our experience has provided us with the knowhow on customizing a set of books for any business or industry.

Another upside of custom training to your requirements is that we can look over your existing books at the same time and analyse them for flaws and deficiencies.  These can be corrected while your bookkeeper is taught the proper way to carry forward and maintain the books accurately.  Now you have good bookkeeping being taken care of by a person you already know, like and trust.

If this is of interest to you by all means connect.  We will connect with you and your bookkeeper, go over your situation and quote on a custom solution to your needs and requirements.