5 Top Steps for Getting Started to a Healthier Me

Well, here we are, 2017, and we have discussed previously in our very opinionated way on how we are going to get back to living life through spirituality, get healthier and achieve our new set of goals for this coming year. Ditch the diet industry – we are doing it our way.

First and foremost if you have chosen to follow us and start your own journey, please do it safely. We are not physicians and we may have thoughts and opinions to offer but not from the standpoint of experts. If you have health issues, please see your doctor. Also, only go forward with what resonates with you. Feel free to find your own path and just use our website as an informational tool and support.   If you don’t agree with some of our suggestions, then ignore them and do what feels right for you. There, you have now read our disclaimer.

This is how we are starting:

Our system is simple. Start slow and work our way into it so we can enjoy the journey rather than suffer through it.

1. We are only making one change with our eating habits this week. Cut back on the bad stuff. That’s it. You can’t come off the Christmas indulgence season and expect your brain to go into cold-turkey starvation mode. This is the main reason people can’t get past the first week or so. By cutting back 50% of the sweets, booze and processed foods you have made one step towards better health without your brain taking a hissy fit.

As for our food choices: Typically, we all know what we are supposed to be eating, but it is too tempting to grab processed food because it seems to be faster to prepare or it comes prepared. What we are starting with is ensuring we have our nutrition first. At least get the healthy fruits, vegetables and legumes consumed first. Then if you feel you need something a little devilish, you won’t have as much because you are already somewhat full. Give it a few weeks and the devilish habits should diminish.

We are not the best people to offer up food recipes. We suggest you check out www.kriscarr.com for ideas on healthy eating recipes. One thing for sure, we will be EATING! If you ignore your hunger pangs, the brain says there is no food in the world and it signals the body to start storing. Hence why the cutting calorie only diets are a failure from the get go.

More details on what to eat and not eat will be in our future blogs. Trust me, I have lots to say about how negatively sugar impacts our bodies. More than you can ever imagine!

2.Surrender to patience. Don’t focus on fast weight loss. It will only drain you, disappoint you, and send you into a state of depression. Focus on “health” first. Weight loss will surely come.

3. We got on the bathroom scale took a reading and then chucked that thing into the closest. We will not take it out for at least a month. Instead we will focus on how we feel as the weeks pass. The idea is to focus on a healthy lifestyle and not purely on the weight loss.

4. We will start walking again. If time is an issue, we will plan out our schedules and see how we can find 30 minutes. Cutting out TV time is the easiest for both of us. All of the best advice that we have found points to motion as being critical for health and well-being.  Walking is great but there are lots of other options.  You get to choose.

5. It’s time to get inside ourselves again. As we walk I know we will find inspiration on the real reasons why we want to lose the weight and the strength to move forward. This is what moves us on a spiritual level.  Walking or whatever exercise you choose to do without distractions should help to focus your consciousness on your own well-being.  We will put the reasons to paper and tape the list to the wall. Every time we feel like we are going to falter, all we have to do is take a look at the list. The end result is the prize.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year. By all means, leave comments.

Be Happy!