Time to weigh in with my spin on what we are up to with The Holst Continuum. To start with, a little history of me is in order.

Like many, I started my adulthood and working career full of anticipation and exuberance. It seemed like my entire future lay ahead and my optimism was high. Fast forward to today. So what happened and how did I get to this point? First, I must point out that it has not been a bad run at all. I have had many amazing experiences in work and in life that I look back on proudly.

One benchmark that I like to think reflects this is the number of friends that I have made and that I have no serious enemies that I’m aware of. I still get along very well with my entire family including my lovely wife of 33+ years – Sandi. Note the deliberate sucking up – lol. I am nothing else if not a survivalist. Happy wife – happy life (or so I’ve heard).

So, what has changed and influenced my life over time? In my working life I started out in machine building for the process automation industry. This is a fancy way of saying I built fairly simple robot-type equipment that assembles things. From there I migrated into sales – mainly of the same type of equipment to start with. At one point in time it made sense to join forces with Sandi in a business she started up a couple of years earlier. The result was a company called The Holst Equation. I won’t go into great detail on what that was all about as Sandi has covered it very well in earlier blogs. After building it for over a decade, we sold it which essentially brings me to where I am today.

In my personal life, I embraced a number of passions that were most enjoyable including scuba diving and instructing, spelunking (cave exploration), downhill skiing, and serious hiking. I believe I can lay claim to my share of volunteering including major stretches with my scuba club and as treasurer for the Friends of H.M.C.S. Haida, a charity set up to promote a very famous historical Canadian heritage warship in Hamilton, Ontario.

My point in laying out all of my past experiences is to illustrate that I have been around the block a few times; well worn if you would. One consistency across my past is the various leadership positions that I have been in. I believe my insights gained from this experience are worthy of exploring and passing on. I firmly believe that great leadership has incredible value regardless of where it is utilized.

My current challenge, in partnership with Sandi, is to define where we are and where we go from here. Hence the “continuity” of the “Continuum”. Stay tuned as we push forward on this.

It is our true hope that you will start your own journey and come along with us. Support is always strongest in groups.

We look forward to this adventure and hope you will join us.